Weekly Announcements

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Thanksgiving Break

There will be no school this Thursday or Friday for Thanksgiving break.  We hope you enjoy your family time and have much to be thankful for.

Parking Lot Changes

Parking lot procedures will be changing on Monday, November 27th (the Monday we return from Thanksgiving break).  Another copy of the letter that was sent home is attached here: New Parking Lot Procedures at Kolling.pdf

Below, are 2 good questions that I have received from some parents and the response to those questions.  Please review these in case you have similar questions and please continue to contact me if any of the new procedures are unclear.

Q – Will drop-off procedures be changing for tutoring as well?  A – Yes, the flow of traffic for tutoring drop-off will also be changing.  Beginning Monday, November 27th, traffic in front of the school will permanently be turned around and must be followed at ALL times.

Q – When parents exit the parking lot, do they exit on 41 or Kolling Rd?  A – If you will be traveling north on 41 when you leave the parking lot, you must exit at the 41 exit.  However, if you will be traveling south on 41 when you exit, you need to use Kolling Rd.  Cars will be required to follow stop sign procedures for cars entering and exit the parking lot.

As you prepare for this change, please continue to keep the following in mind:

  • The change is necessary for the safety of everyone – especially our children.
  • Change takes getting used to, so please be patient.
  • Do not take your frustration out on the staff members that are assisting in the parking lot.  They are simply doing the jobs they were assigned.
  • Do not attempt to discuss your parking lot concerns with me during arrival or dismissal.  If you have concerns, please email me at cncruz@lcscmail.com.  I will be glad to arrange time to listen to your concerns or consider something we may not have thought about.
  • Please remember that we do always recommend bus transportation as the best means of transporting our students to and from school.  Please consider this option if possible.
  • Please be respectful – remember we are trying to do what is best for your children.

Grimmer Student Benefit Online Donation Link

Last week’s newsletter included information about a young girl from Grimmer Middle School who was badly burned over fall break.  An online donation link was created by the family for anyone interested in helping one of our own LC students receive the very best care and support.  I have attached the link below.  Please pass this link along through social media, text, and email to share Amayah’s story and to send support her way.

Amayah Myszak Benefit Link:  https://www.youcaring.com/amayahmyszak-1001484

Typing Practice

Students will be practicing basic keyboarding during their computer special and will have the opportunity to type in class for grades 2-4.  Keyboarding is a basic skill that students will be expected to use in day to day life.  Additionally, this year, students in grades 3 and 4 are likely to be required to complete part or all written ISTEP responses using a keyboard.  If you would like to give your child additional practice with keyboarding at home, try giving him/her a small passage to retype or have him/her respond to a question by typing a PQR/PQA response.  PQR is responding to a question by including part of the question at the beginning of their response.  Your child should be able to give you an example of this.  Attached here are some guidelines of what we want students to remember when typing a response to a question or writing prompt:  typing practice.pdf

Message from the Art Teacher

Miss Lipke is starting a rock project to brighten things up around Kolling and she is asking every child to bring in a medium, smooth, palm-sized rock.  Students will paint their rock in art and these rocks will be placed outside around Kolling. Since the rocks will be collected in a large bin in the art room, please do not write the name of the student on the rock. For more information, please see Miss Lipke’s attached note, which also went home with students:  Art Rock Project.pdf

LC is in Need of Substitutes

The Lake Central School Corporation is looking for substitute teachers and paraprofessionals!

Please go to the main website:  www.lcsc.us  Under Administration>Human Resources.

Scroll down and click on Steps to Substitute Requirements.  The document will explain the steps needed in becoming a substitute in the corporation.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Central Office at 365-8507.

Six Flags Reading Club

Kolling students who read and log at least 6 hours of reading between now and February 14th will receive 1 free student pass for Six Flags Great America.  Reading Logs are due by February 15th.  Attached is a flyer with more information:Six Flags Read to Succeed form.pdf

Lake Central School Dates

School Calendars for the 2018/2019 and the 2019/2020 School Years are now posted on the district website.  You may also follow the link here and scroll under the Quick Links section: http://lcsc.us/.  Please consider these dates when planning family vacations.

Tutoring Canceled this Week

There will be no tutoring this week.  Tutoring will resume on Wednesday, November 29th.

How Parents Can Support Dreambox at Home

  • Kolling teachers would like to encourage parents to support Dreambox usage at home.  Dreambox is an online resource that allows students to practice important mathematical concepts in a way that adjust to each child’s unique learning needs.  You can access Dreambox through the Kolling website under Academics Tab – your child will be able to navigate the rest.  When your child uses Dreambox at home, there are 2 important ways you can help:
    • Make sure your child is actually practicing the math concepts and not in the game or shopping sections of the program.
    • Do not help your child answer questions.  The program is designed to adjust based on what the student knows or does not know.  We want children to get questions right that they do know, and get questions wrong that they do not know.  This allows the program to adjust in order to meet your child’s needs.  Student performance does not impact their grades or teacher accountability in any way, so please let them work through the program on their own.  Here is a short video on how the program works:  http://www.dreambox.com/intelligent-adaptive-learning/


Anonymous Bully Reporting

Students and all other members of Kolling Elementary School should always feel safe to report instances of bullying to school personnel.  If any member of Kolling elementary wishes to remain anonymous when reporting, we will have a “Bullying Reporting Box” located in the vestibule at Entrance B next to the drop-off cart.  You may write your own note, or use the forms provided.  If writing your own note, please be sure to write as much information as possible including: names of those involved, names of witnesses, detailed information about the allegations, when the incident occurred, location of the incident, and provide any available evidence.  If you wish to make a report in name, please contact the principal or dean directly.

Important Dates:

Thanksgiving Break

There will be no school November 23rd and 24th in observance of Thanksgiving.

Winter Break

There will be no school during Lake Central’s Winter Break, which is scheduled December 22nd – January 5th.

Important Test Dates

Below is a list of important test dates for state testing.  We ask that you plan in advance to make sure that your child is here during these testing windows.  Please add these dates to your calendar and do your best to avoid scheduling doctor appointments or other events that would keep your child out of school on these days.

  • February 26th – March 9th  ISTEP Part 1 of 2 (grades 3-8)
  • March 12th – March 16th    IREAD-3 (3rd grade only)
  • April 16th – May 4th    ISTEP Part 2 of 2 (grades 3-8)