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For Parents

Kolling Parents,

Below is my weekly message for Kolling Elementary.

No Homemade Treats

Often times, parents send treats in for birthdays and class parties.  I would like to remind parents that at no time can any homemade treats be brought in for students.  Treats are also not permitted to be assembled at home, and then brought in.  For the safety of our children, any and all student treats must be store bought and in their original packages.  Any treats that are made or assembled in someone’s home kitchen will not be passed out to students.


Happy Thanksgiving

There is no school this Thursday or Friday.  We hope you enjoy this holiday with your family and loved ones and that you find many things to be grateful for this Thanksgiving season.


Your Primary Phone Number

In the event that our school needs to contact a parent, we will first contact the primary phone number that is listed in Skyward.  Additionally, our secretaries and nurse utilize a quick reference document that lists every student and their primary contact number.  There are many situations in which the primary number that is listed is the home landline that is rarely checked.  Please take a moment to login to your Skyward to verify that the phone number listed as the primary number is the first number our school should contact.  To check which number you have listed as your child(ren)’s primary number, or to change this number, simply click on the tab labeled Skylert, near the bottom left side of your Skyward screen. 


CoGAT Testing

Students in grades KDG, 2, and 4 will participate in CoGAT testing between November 28th and December 9th.  This is an assessment used by Lake Central to screen for students who would benefit from high ability services.  CoGAT is used to measure how well students can use their reasoning skills to solve problems they have not been directly taught.  For this reason, parents should not try to prepare students at home or participate in “test cramming” activities.  To prepare your child, all you need to do is assure he/she gets a good sleep and healthy breakfast on testing days.  Your child’s teacher can tell you the dates of testing for your child’s class so you can do your best to assure your child is at school on these days.  Results should be in by the end of January and will be mailed home to parents.  If a 2nd or 4th grade student is already receiving high ability services, he/she will not participate in any portion of CoGAT.  Please know that regardless of results or placement, all Kolling educators ensure that all Kolling students receive an exceptional educational experience that provides the opportunity for all children to perform to their fullest potential.


What’s Going on In Math

I am sure by now you have noticed that math instruction is different from the instruction we received in school, and I am sure your child’s teacher has communicated to you regarding the math shift.  If you feel like you are not quite understanding this new shift in math, you are not alone.  Our district will be sending literature about conceptual learning in mathematics so you can better understand and better support your child with what he/she is learning in school.  Attached here, you will find the district’s first document of math communication for parents:


Community Project

As part of their social studies unit on communities, Kolling 3rd graders are organizing a project to collect stuffed animals to donate to children whoneed comforting in stressful situations.  If you have a gently used stuffed animal you would like to donate, please send it to school by November 30th.  Attached here is the flyer that went home with students: 



Mrs. Cruz – Kolling Principal


Improved Communication

Between Home and School

 Lake Central School Coporation has added three new resources in order to improve communication between students, teachers, parents, administrators, and the community.

Below is a short summary of what each system provides for parents and students. If you need information on how to create an account, please contact the Kolling main office at  219.365.8577.



Use Skyward to monitor grades, print report cards, monitor attendance, and access student enrollment information.  You will need your child’s school ID to create your Canvas account.  If you have a child in grades 3-12, you will also need your child’s LC email address to access Canvas.  You can find both of those on Skyward.  If you forgot your skyward login information, please email Kolling’s data secretary at

The Skyward login address is listed below:



 This is an important account for parents to get classroom information on assignments, due dates, and access to student/parent resources being posted by your child’s teacher.  This account replaces teacher websites.  There is an attachment with step-by-step directions to set up parent Canvas accounts.  To access this attachment, click here:

Canvas Login Directions


A Scheduling Solution for school sponsored teams, organizations and clubs. Will be used mostly at the middle and high school level if your child participates in extracurriculars. 

Please be sure to keep your login information for each of these accounts in a place you can find. 

A - F Grade Report
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ISP Criminal History Information Form
Parent/Volunteers: Please Print Out - Fill In All Fields - Sign and return to school office or LC Admin Center.


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